Thursday, March 6, 2008

AIM, Spore Shown Running On iPhone At SDK Event

Big news everyone! AOL recently announced that they have opened up AIM to the developing community, and get this: Apple has officially announced at their SKD press event that they will be porting AIM over to the iPhone. The AIM app will be integrated with contacts right on the iPhone to offer all the same functionality as iChat does on the Mac. You can chose buddy pictures for your friends, and see their real name from the Contact file instead of their AIM screen name while you're chatting with them. It has full functionality, communicating over both EDGE and Wi-Fi.

Apple also showed some other cool apps running on the iPhone, including a sneak peek of the highly anticipated game, Spore, running on the iPhone. Apparently they've already gotten all 18 levels of the game ported. Other apps demoed at the SDK event were Monkey Ball from Sega and Epocrates, and app for helping doctors identify medications.

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