Monday, February 11, 2008

Starbucks ditches T-Mobile, will offer free, paid Wi-Fi with AT&T

Starbucks has switched to AT&T and will start offering a mix of free and paid wireless Internet starting in Spring.Starbucks was previously partnered with T-Mobile; however, has ended this six year partnership in favour of AT&T. Starbucks said Monday that customers who use a Starbucks purchase card will receive two hours of free wireless access per day. An additional two hours can be obtained for $3.99. A monthly membership will cost $19.99and include access to all of AT&T's 70,000 hot spots worldwide.Additionally, most of AT&T's broadband Internet customers will receive unlimited Internet access at Starbuck as well."Starbucks was at a place where we were evaluating who our right go-forward partners should be, and as we looked at who could provide that in the best possible way, AT&T continuously came back to the front," said Starbuck's Chief Technology Officer, Chris Bruzzo.

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