Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rumor: March 6th iPhone SDK To Be a "Beta Version"

With Apple's recent habit of product delays, it comes as no surprise that the iPhone SDK didn't hit its February release date. Ever since Apple pinned down March 6th as their "SDK Road Map" event, there's been quite a bit of speculation on what exactly Apple intends to announce. According to the site SetteB.IT [translation], Apple will be announcing a "beta version" of the SDK on March 6th, leaving the full SDK announcement for WWDC '08.

The release of a "beta SDK" would not be surprising considering Apple's use of the phrase "Please join us to learn about the iPhone software roadmap, including the SDK" in the event's invitation. Ted Landau predicts that SDK created applications won't even be made available for quite some time. Hopefully next week's event will shed light on these and other questions regarding the long awaited iPhone SDK.

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