Saturday, February 9, 2008

Price Drop On iPhones And Touch: $100 ?

Apple is planning on dropping the prices again on the iPhone and iPod line within the next month or two - perhaps at the late February event. Our tipster says that Apple will drop the prices $100 on both the iPod Touch and iPhone lines. Also, the 8Gb iPod Touch will be dropped from the lineup according to the source. It would also make sense that the 8Gb iPhone would get phased out as well, but it wasn't mentioned in the tip. Inventories will likely be a big factor in the timing so we're keeping an eye out for shortages.

The price drops are likely to make some price spacing for the newer 3G iPhones that are expected to drop later this year - perhaps with the tablets. The price cuts will also likely spur on iPhone sales which have either been good or bad depending on the week and the source. No specifics were given but the iPod Nano line might also be the beneficiary of decreased memory pricing and might see capacities double in size.

The new prices are expected to be:

8Gb iPod Touch $199 8Gb iPhone - $299
16Gb iPod Touch $299 16Gb iPhone - $399
32Gb iPod Touch $399

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