Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LiveSpeakR to give your iPhone a boost

The speaker on the iPhone isn't too shabby, but that's not to say that users don't want to blast their music, right? Well, you can always buy some iPod/iPhone friendly external spears to plug your iPhone into, but some of us want portability! Erik Groset, the 23 year-old creator of the LiveSpeakR, thinks he has the device that will have iPhone users raving. The LiveSpeakR is unlike most iPhone speakers in that it clips onto the iPhone and plugs into the USB connector on the bottom. The speakers can then rotate to work with landscape and portrait view, and can also expand to fit nicely into your pocket. LiveSpeakR's are also shielded from RF interference, so you won't get the nasty GSM-speaker interference that you get with regular speakers. On the LiveSpeakR website, they say that the product will be available in "Summer 2008," as they are currently looking for manufacturing partners. Currently, there's no word on pricing.

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