Wednesday, February 13, 2008

iPhone SDK Rumors

Erica Sadun of the Unofficial Apple WebBlog claims to have gotten a few details about the iPhone SDK coming out this February. According to this mystery person, the following statements are true.
  1. The SDK will ship in late February no matter what, but it won't be a finished version and some features will have to be delayed. Expect an Alpha or Beta version at most.

  2. Employees at Apple's documentation department are working, as she put it, "triple-quadruple-double-secret overtime". (My guess is that they're either under-staffed or this is going to be one odd SDK.)

  3. As Erica wrote in an earlier post, there will be a simulator for testing applications. However, you can also test applications directly on the hardware itself.

As always she says,"many grains of salt rumors, rumors, rumors."

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