Monday, February 18, 2008

iPhone 1.1.4 and iPhone SDK imminent?

If you are still waiting around for the iPhone SDK, chances are, you won't be waiting much longer. Steve Jobs said in October 2007 that the SDK would be released in February 2008; which only has about 2 weeks left! According to MacRumors,, which is an online repository for, has leaked a bit of information about iPhone firmware 1.1.4 and the iPhone SDK.

According to the Tiny Code website, "Tiny Code no longer produces fixes or applications for firmware 1.1.3. We can't say much, but we are working with Apple and with their SDK for the next firmware release and SDK applications and we shouldn't be missed for long. We will no longer update our repo for legality reasons and you should see us soon on iTunes."

Since that was posted, the website has been taken down (and strangely enough, now forwards to Apple's iPhone Developer site). Macenstein has a screenshot of the site before it was taken down. The Tiny Code developer commented on the Mac Rumors Forums saying that Apple ordered them to take down the site because they violated their NDA with Apple.

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