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How to update to 1.1.4 firmware and baseband, and stay unlocked (3.9 / 4.6 bootloader) PPC & intel Mac using INDEPENDENCE

How to update to 1.1.4 firmware and baseband, and stay unlocked (3.9 / 4.6 bootloader) PPC & Mac

This tutorial is for those of you who want to update to 1.1.4 firmware and use the new 04.04.05_G baseband so your locate function in Maps will work correctly.

Step 1.

Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone. I recommend clicking the Restore button.

Once the process completes you should see the activation series.

You should still be at your SpringBoard and not locked out of the iPhone at this point. Eject the iPhone from iTunes when it is finished. Make sure iTunes is closed! Also open Activity Monitor and ensure that iTunes Helper is not running. To do this, go to your Mac's Applications folder, then into the Utilities folder, and you'll find a program called Activity Monitor here. Launch it. At the top there is a drop down box. Make sure My Processes is selected. Now look below for iTunes Helper. Select it and click on Quit Process at the top.

At the pop up that appears, select Force Quit. You can close Activity Monitor now. iTunes Helper will not respawn until your computer is restarted.

Step 2.

Download iNdependence here. If you have any problems with this process, then read the iNdependence known issues page here for a solution.

Launch iNdependence. You'll be at the main screen. Click the Activate Phone button.

You'll get a progress bar while the RAM disk is created.

If you get this pop up next 'ERROR ENTERING RECOVERY MODE', then close the program and relaunch it.

You'll be at the main screen again. Click the Activate Phone button.

The graphic on your iPhone should change from the image "displaying the connect to itunes image with a SLIDE FOR EMERGENCY BAR to just connect to itunes image.

The message Waiting for jail break... will appear.

Code will fill the screen and begin scrolling by quickly for a minute or so.

The iPhone will now reboot and you will be at the slide to unlock screen.

You'll get the success message when it has completed.

Step 3.

Next install SSH using iNdependence. Click the SSH tab and then click the Install SSH/SFTP/SCP button.

You'll see a message about generating SSH keys.

You'll get a message telling you to shut off the iPhone. You will shut it off and turn it on a total of three times.

Slide the slider to shut it off.

Turn the iPhone back on and this message will appear next 'PLEASE REBOOT YOUR PHONE USING THE SAME STEPS'. You need to shut the iPhone off and turn it on again.

You will get a success message when SSH is installed. Close iNdependence.

Determine your iPhone's IP address. Press Settings, Wif-Fi, then press the blue arrow next to your network name. In MY example it is

Download the "114files" here. Decompress this file.

Download Fugu here. Note: while I realize you could install an application with iNdependence, I think it is critical to learn how to use a true SSH client.

Enter your iPhone's IP address in the Connect to: box, then enter root in the Username: box, then enter 22 in the Port: box, then enter / in the Directory: box, then click Connect.

You'll get a prompt to continue.

You'll be prompted to enter your SSH password. Unless you have changed it, it is "alpine". Click Authenticate.

The left side window represents your computer's directory structure. The right side window represents your iPhone's directory structure. I've opened my Desktop folder and the 114files folder is there. On the right side window double click the Applications folder.

Now double click the 114files folder. Then click and drag the file to the right side window. Do not place it into another applications' folder like You'll know you are doing it right if the whole window is outlined in blue.

On the right side of the screen, click the blue up arrow to go back up to the root level of the iPhone. Then double click the System folder. Then double click the Library folder. Then double click the LaunchDaemons folder.

Now drag the signal.plist file to the right side window.

Now swap out your SIMs and test.

Reboot the iPhone. Once at the SpringBoard you should see your carrier name display with signal bars. If you do not see this then press the icon marked Signal and you will see this screen for a few seconds and then it will close and you will have signal bars shortly. In the future if you should notice a no service message, then reboot the iPhone.

You will notice when you connect to iTunes that you have up to 200mb of data classified as "Other". I believe this is the 1.1.4 firmware. If I find out differently, I'll update this and see if the space can be reclaimed.

We are not done yet! We still need to get the Installer onto the iPhone, and tweak it to make it work.

Step 5.

Download the Installer version 3.0 here.

Unzip the Installer download file. In the left side window, navigate to where you downloaded your file. In the right side window double click the Applications folder. Now simply drag the file from the left to the right window. Make sure that when you do this you do not copy it into another application's folder, drag it into the window (the right side window should become outlined in blue).

Once you have done this, restart the iPhone and you'll see the Installer icon on your SpringBoard. Here are my before and afters.

Step 6.

On your Mac, go to your Appliations folder, then into the Utilities folder. There is a program called Terminal. Launch it. I hope I am painfully clear here. As seen below you will enter two things into the terminal. Note: after ssh - the character that follows is a lower case l (el), it is not an I (eye). The IP address is YOUR address. In my example it is for MY iPhone. The next line is alpine, which is the default password, unless you changed it.

ssh -l root

You will now be at a -sh-3.2# prompt. Enter this command:

chmod ug+s /Applications/

You can close the Terminal after doing this.

Next launch the Installer. It is critical you install this file (and update it when it asks you to). Press the Install icon at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down the list of folder to Sources. Press it. Press Community Sources, then install it. This will open up all third party sources and the programs they offer to the Installer. If you don't do this you'll only see a fraction of the programs available for the iPhone.

You'll receive a NOTICE warning. Press OK. It will now refresh the sources it has access to. This can take some time. You can press and hold the Home button to exit out of this mode if you get tired of waiting. You will have to refresh again if you do this.

Step 8.

Note: I've received an email about a simple solution should your EDGE connection not work right away. Press the Home button, then Settings, General, Reset and select either Reset Network Settings or Reset All Settings. EDGE should now work.

Should you need to enter EDGE account data and not have a way to do it (first check by pressing Settings, General, Network, and then look for an EDGE button which will take you to a settings sub menu), you can use this method to fix it. The two screen shots below show a non authorized carrier (in Amercia at least) and the presence of the EDGE menu.

To add this menu, download these files. Decompress the download. There will be two folders: private, and System. There are many subfolders inside these folders. Eventually you will get to files inside of the folders. You must duplicate this directory structure on your iPhone. For example let's look at the private folder.

private/var/preferences leads you to a file called proxy.pac and a folder called SystemConfiguration. So copy the proxy.pac file to your iPhone's private/var/preferences folder by using Fugu. Now for that folder that's in there, click it and you'll see a preferences.plist file. Put this file into the iPhone's private/var/preferences/SystemConfiguration folder. Now repeat the process for the other folder (if you are an O2 customer only.)


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your Download the "114files" here link does not work can you please fix it?

-Administration- said...

it's fixed! thanks for the heads up

confuserwon said...

Its not fixed for me this is what i get:

You don't have permission to access /downloads/ on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
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And also do you know how to unlock the iphone using a sprint sim card?

-Administration- said...

email me at

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ill sen dyou a zip file it works on 5 computers i just checked maybe u have a block or so mething....i'll reply with it...

and sprint doesnt use sim cards....this is only for gsm like att&t t-mobile...