Friday, February 1, 2008

Assign the iPhone Icon For Your Website!

You can now assign an iPhone icon to your website or webpage for use with the new Web Clip Bookmark feature.iPhone and iPod touch allow a user to save a Web Clip bookmark to your site on their Home Screen.To specify a bookmark icon for all pages of a web site, place a PNG image named "apple-touch-icon.png" at the root directory of your web server - similar to the "favicon.ico" for site icons.To override the site bookmark icon on a specific web page, insert a element similar to within the element of the page.The bookmark icon dimensions should be 57x57 pixels. If the icon is a different size it will be scaled and cropped to fit.Safari will automatically composite the icon with the standard "glassy" overlay so it looks like a built-in iPhone or iPod application.Yes I have One here and add my little devil !

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