Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apple COO Gives Details On SDK, Unlocking, And More

Apple COO Tim Cook gave some new details on the SDK this upcoming week during a question and answer presentation at the Goldman Sachs Investment Symposium, where he shed some light on how Apple views unlocking and hacking, and a few extra tidbits on the iPhone SDK.

At the Q&A session, COO Tim Cook expresssed Apple's excitement about the SDK, referring to the iPhone as being “a platform not a product,” and that the SDK will “broaden the platform more, to the point where the only limit will be people’s imagination.”

He also said:

We started by getting developers to focus on Web 2.0 apps. There’s over a thousand of these today. But people also want to do more than that. As we got into the phone more and more, it became clear that we should release an SDK. This will make the product even more compelling. We’re super excited […]

In response to a question by the Goldman Sachs moderator at the event on when he expects to see the first (official) third-party apps, Cook said:

“We’re going to go into some more details at the event next week. I don’t want to take away the element of surprise.

He also made some interesting statements on jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone:

“There will always be some level of hacking. There will always be a case where someone wants to run on a carrier. There are very few people who have unlocked the iPhone for use on a carrier other than AT&T in the US. […] I look at this ‘problem’ with a little bit of a smile. Having people stepping over each other for the phone isn’t a bad thing.”

Lastly, he said that the best thing that Apple could do right now to stop unlocking of the iPhone is to offer it in more countries.

“We’re going to (fight back) with software and some other ways, but offering the iPhone in more (geographical areas) is our best bet.”

[via iPhoneAtlas]

He also talked about was how Apple was "all about people," saying that their work model of innovation is both the most challenging and rewarding.

"We run Apple in a fluid manner, where we move people where we need them. This is why you begin to see things on the phone that were developed for the Mac. You see Cover Flow, developed for the phone, in the Mac OS X. There's some much synergy in those area."

On the subject of last years iPhone price cut, he said:

"We saw that we had an incredible product that many people wanted. The barrier to some people buying it was the price. We were about to enter the holiday season. We decided we wanted to go for it. The more people we get under the iPhone tent, the more developers we get interested in developing, the more iPhones we sell."

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