Thursday, February 21, 2008

AppFlow for the iPhone and iTouch

Some enterprising iPhone developer named Erica Sadun has been tinkering around with CoverFlow on the iPhone for a book she's writing. She's a genious in my eyes! AppFlow is a CoverFlow-style interface for launching iPhone apps and icons.

You just install the app on your jailbroken iPhone, and then launching your favorite app is as simple as flipping to the icon and double-tapping. Webclips, I'm told, are launched a completely different way, and thus not included in the flipping. But "maybe in a later update," an inside source told TUAW exclusively.If this is the kind of stuff we're getting from Sadun before the SDK drops, just think what we'll see after.

The woman's a genius. And it's almost surprising that Apple didn't think of this in the first place -- if it works in Leopard, and it works in the iPod of the iPhone, why didn't they give us the option to flip through apps in this way?

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