Thursday, February 28, 2008

02 Confirms Ireland iPhone Launch for March, 2008

On Tursday, wireless carrier O2 confirmed that it would be launching the iPhone in Ireland. The carrier set the launch date for March 14th and has priced the eight gigabyte iPhone at €399 and the 16 gigabyte model at €499 with a variety of monthly plans in the works.

During a recent financial quarterly statement conference, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook announced that the iPhone would be moving into Asian and additional European countries in 2008. The Irish launch marks the first of these moves.

Since its release in June of 2007, Apple's iPhone has sold more than four million units worldwide.

Update: Unfortunately for Ireland customers, the plans O2 proposes for that country are dissapointing in comparison to those offered in the UK. Tariffs range from €45 for 175 minutes to €100 for 700 minutes, but none of them include unlimited data or even visual voicemail. Instead, all plans offer only 1GB of data and plain old crappy voicemail.

You can learn more about the scam tariffs available at O2's website.

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