Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Show Time Is Here For The iPhone And It Brings Video Recording

Show Time is a new native iPhone application for video capture - released by Polar Bear Farm, the makers of the popular Search application.Here are Show Time’s current features:

  • 320 x 627 resolution

  • 6 frames per second capture rate

  • 5 second record limit on unlicensed version, unlimited for licensed users.

  • Raw uncompressed file format

Right now, the captured video in its raw format cannot be passed to a PC for playing on standard media players, and saving ability will be limited by available storage space. Polar Bear Farm is working on faster capture and compression. Show Time will let you record 5 seconds of video. If you want more than that, you need to fork out a $10 contribution.Show Time is available on Installer now, but you’ll need to add the Polar Bear Farm source to see it, like so:

  1. In Installer tap Sources on the bottom row

  2. Tap ‘Edit’ at the top right of the Sources screen

  3. Tap ‘Add’ at the top left of the Edit screen

  4. Enter this URL: http://www.polarbearfarm.com/repo/ - and hit OK

  5. Tap ‘Done’ and hit ‘Refresh’ at top left

  6. Now you should see Show Time under the Multimedia category

For more info, see Polar Bear Farm’s Show Time page HERE.

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