Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nova Media Comes out with a Syncing Tool for iTouch and iPhone

The founders of nova media Mobile Data Solution GmbH started their business in 1996 in Berlin, concentrating on development of Hard - and Software for PC, PDA and Apple Macintosh as well as distribution services.Fone2Phone is a new software developed for many devices but im interested int he iphone and itouch and it WILL connect your old phone to the Macintosh Computer, using its own connection wizard if the cell phone has not been connected to the Mac before.Fone2Phone collects the data you want to copy. You can choose to select contacts, events, tasks, notes, bookmarks, photos, music and videos. Fone2Phone will add the new content to your applications: as Address Book group, iCal calendar, iTunes playlist, iTunes movies, iPhoto album, bookmark and notes.As soon as all data has been copied, you can use iTunes to synchronize the selected content to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPod.

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