Friday, January 25, 2008

New iSim to Unlock Your iPhone?

Brando, proprietors of all things bizzare and poorly-described, have come up with a new way to unlock your iPhone. With 250,000 unlocked iPhones floating around out there (yes, floating), it’s about time someone did the unnecessary and created a hardware/SIM-based solution to unlock the iPhone… at least that’s what I think it does. The Brando website lists two functions for their little device: 1. “attached to your SIM card to unlock iPhone” and 2. “unlocking iPhone v.1.1.2 firmwares”. Yep, typical Brando. So for $30, you can hopefully unlock your iPhone with this thing. Personally, I wouldn’t trust this thing any further than I could throw it, but from the looks of it, I guess I might be able to throw it pretty far. Not as far as I could throw my iPhone, though. I wanted to see how much I could trust it, and it turns out I can trust it up to 65 feet… I just can’t trust it to make calls anymore.

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