Thursday, January 17, 2008

Manual: Stealth SIM Aftermarket SIM that spoofs ICCIDs on iPhone

  • The thing I like is that this SIM comes hard coded with both U.S. and international ICCIDs. You don't have to use any software in conjunction with this SIM to use it. Some see that as bad. The lack of being able to reprogram the SIM could prevent you from being locked out in the future should someone decide they want to crack down on these SIMs. The other thing I like about this SIM is how refined of a product it is. It is perfectly flat, unlike other SIMs which have a bit of a curve to them making them hard to install and more importantly: hard to remove. This SIM is also coated to protect the circuitry unlike some others. I was also informed the Stealth SIMs are now individually serialized and will display their serial number on start up. You will be able to authenticate the Stealth SIM by logging into a central server to verify its authenticity. I am unsure of how this is done though. I will use (it's on a GoPhone plan and SIM). You may not be able to see it but on the Stealth SIM on the right, in the upper right corner there is a chip. You must cut out a corner of your SIM to make room for this chip so that they can both fit into the SIM tray together.
  • I made a couple marks on my SIM so I had an idea where to cut. I then used an X-ACTO knife to cut the SIM.
  • Now put your SIM on top of the Stealth SIM so the chip shows through the open area.
  • Now flip them over.
  • Now place them into the SIM tray and make sure they are square and fit flatly in place.
  • Once you've got everything positioned just right, I find it's easiest to grip the very bottom of the SIMs with your thumb and index finger and squeeze them together and slowly slide them into the slot. It may seem to get stuck just as the tray is almost all the way in. Just give it a push and it will go in.
  • As soon as you turn the iPhone on you will be greeted with this message. If you choose Cancel this message will go away and you will have access to your SpringBoard. Make some calls.
  • If you choose Accept you will see StealthSIM under your clock when you are on this screen.
  • That's all there is to the StealthSIM. If this proves to work on 1.1.3 firmware, I just might start selling these myself. The site isn't doing so well lately...

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