Thursday, January 10, 2008

Macworld keynote leak on Wikipedia?

A Macworld wouldn't be a Macworld without a supposed leak of the keynote speech, and this year is no exception. Cropping up in, of all places, Wikipedia is what's supposed to be a rough outline of a draft of Steve Jobs' speech. Of course, it's likely to disappear, so grab a copy fast if it's still there. The highlights are:

  • New iPod games

  • More labels on iTunes Plus

  • 16Gb iPhone, plus release data for Japan

  • iPhone/iPod touch SDK with apps that can be submitted and sold via iTunes only

  • Update 1.3 coming (required for apps) coming mid-Feb

  • New, thinner Macbooks

  • Refreshed Mac mini

  • YouTube in iTunes (including downloadable videos)

None of this sounds too off the wall, although that's no guarantee that it's real. What's interesting is that it includes the Mac Pro refresh that happened this week, so - if it's real - it's obviously a quite old draft. It'll be fun to see if it's the first real full keynote leak in history!

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