Thursday, January 17, 2008

iTunes 7.6 Needed for Firmware Version 1.1.3

Well, seems Steve wasn’t fibbing when he mentioned we’d see the iPhone and iPod touch update today, as it does seem to have landed. Hit the link below to get at the package if the auto updater just isn’t doing it for you — and judging from our luck so far, there are some issues. Note that you’re going to need iTunes 7.6 to roll this update out.
Read - 1.1.3 update package for iPhoneRead - 1.1.3 update package for iPod touch
Yesterday Apple announced a new iPhone Firmware Version ( Here is the download link for the new firmware which is 1.1.3 by the way ) along with iTunes version 7.6. When updating your iPhone to 1.1.3 one must have the latest version of iTunes, 7.6 installed- at least for Macintosh users.
We encountered errors performing the update, though were not prompted to update iTunes. Once the latest version of iTunes is installed, your iPhone should update without problems.Upgrading iTunes does not effect anything on the iPhone itself, and is ’safe’ for those with unlocked phones. Those with Windows machines have reported that the firmware updatecan take place in iTunes 7.5.
iTunes 7.6 is a free software update available via software update.

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