Thursday, January 31, 2008

iPassword Brings Web Form Auto-Fill To iPhone

Back at Macworld we saw a sneak-peek from 1Password creater Dave Teare of the (then forthcoming) iPhone form-filling, username-storing 1Password bookmarklet for iPhone (pictured above at Moscone). Today sees a new build of 1Password pushed out for beta-loving users who want to take advantage of it.Of course, one main qualm people may have with this is "just how secure is my data?" The 1Password data is saved in the bookmarklet itself using "448-bit blowfish encryption". Users set up password to use with the bookmarklet, and 1Password outputs all your data in an encrypted format to sync via iTunes' 'Sync Safari Bookmarks option'. Once on the iPhone, you navigate to the page such as Pownce, choose the bookmarklet, enter your previously-set password and choose the login you wish to use. All the form filling, and form submission, is handled by the Javascript.I've been long-in-need of something like this for the iPhone -- the typical 'too many usernames, too many unique passwords' scenario -- and using it this evening, it's been mighty handy. If you're wanting to get your hands on it, simply set your copy of 1Password to check for beta releases (all the usual beta disclaimers apply) and download the most recent release!

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