Saturday, January 5, 2008

iClueless Lets You Search Multiple Search Engines on your iPhone or iTouch

Efiko Software recently unveiled iClueless for iPhone and iPod touch users, a web-based software suite that enables users to find near anything on the internet. iClueless can find both the standard and mobile versions of a web page, enabling it to customize the browsing experience for either WiFi or the 2G network. The application can search Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, ESPN, Amazon, and many other service listings. iClueless is available free of charge, and works through the embedded Safari browser on either device. Through iClueless, users can access the following search services and categories:

Google Business Yahoo Movies Wikipedia Answers IMDB TMZ News ESPN Stocks Weather Amazon eBay Flickr Dictionary.

iClueless gives you the option of searching either the standard full site you see on your computer or the mobile versions of a web page (default) allowing you to keep things moving quickly even over a 2G connection. If you are viewing this from either an iPhone or iTouch right now, then you can give iClueless a try by going to

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Jez Chill said...

That's real cool, to search how you want to search.

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