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How to..? What's Next...? Why is this happening?

If you have questions then read on. If you are looking for something and can't find it, do not go, trust me it's all here. Use the Google search on top but click on button and what you are looking for will come up:

Nothing happens after i visit

  • If you visit, install AppSnapp, get thrown back to the activtion screen and you have waited more then 3-5 minutes but phone does not restart - try restarting your phone manually. If phone starts normally everything is fine. If you still only get to the activation screen it did not work. Usually this is because there is a problem on the server, or maybe your internet connection. Wait some time (a few minutes if you are impatient, or a few hour if you want to be sure) and try again.
How can i upgrade a new unactivated phone?

  • Just put it in recovery mode, and it will automatically restore to the latest firmware. It might be safer to manually download and select the 1.1.1 firmware. How to put it in recovery mode?To enter recovery mode, connect the phone to the computer and press and hold the Power button (on top) and the Home button (on bottom front) simultaneously. After about 15 seconds phone will appear to turn off, release the Power button but keep holding the Home button. After about 15 seconds the computer and iTunes will detect the phone in recovery mode
How should i upgrade or restore my phone?

  • Not straight away! The old unlock software's (before anySIM 1.1, except's software) had serious flaws, making the phone unusable in later firmware. Before you update your phone you will need to repair your phone by "virginizing" the phone (baseband) firmware.You can find the guides in the Legend on the top of the page , depending on your Firmware.
How to "Virginize" an unlocked phone before update to 1.1.1??

  • Ignore all long and complex tutorials - I have set up a fully automatic script that will repair the phone so that you can upgrade it.

  • Set Settings → General → Auto Lock → Never

  • Make sure Modem firmware is 03.14.08_G. Check this in Settings → General → About.

  • Start Installer and update it if it asks. Tap on Sources, Edit, and Add as a repository.

  • Make sure you have BSD Subsystem installed, if not, go to System category and install it.

  • Now, install The Virginizer found in the Unlocking Tools category. This will take about 10 minutes to complete.
How to "Virginize" if you already upgraded and have 04.01.13_G.?

  • You would want to do this if you upgraded to 1.1.1, and now have 0049xxx IMEI, and Modem version 04.01.13_G. Check this in Settings → General → About.

  • Set Settings → General → Auto Lock → Never

  • Install BSD SubSystem found in System Category.

  • Go to Sources and tap edit and add (if you haven't already).

  • Now install "The Virginizer" found in Unlocking Tools category. This will take almost 10 minutes.

  • Once you're done restore your iPhone then activate and unlock as normal.
How do i downgrade a 1.1.2 phone?

  • Connect the phone to the computer and launch iTunes

  • Restore your phone

  • You will get an error when restore is complete, just ignore it and run AppTapInstaller.exe (to Mac users: iNdependence should do the same.

  • AppTapInstaller.exe will fail, but your phone will get to the Activation Screen now!

  • Go onto jailbreak activation of 1.1.1 firmware that also can be found here.

  • Now your phone main firmware is ok, but to get the phone part working properly you should also downgrade your baseband firmware. At the moment this is NOT possible if your phone already had 1.1.2 when you bought it (meaning it has the new bootloader). If you accidentally upgraded your phone to 1.1.2 and want to go back to 1.0.2 or 1.1.1, read on.Make sure Modem version is 04.02.13_G in Settings → General → About.

  • Set Settings → General → Auto Lock → Never

  • Start Installer and install BSD SubSystem found in System Category.

  • Go to Sources and tap edit and add

  • Now install "BB Downgrader (1.1.2)" found in Unlocking Tools category. This will take around 5 minutes.

  • Then restore, activate and unlock.
SMS recieved from internet is scrambled/not working?

  • For some ridiculous reason, Apple did not add real support for the SMS standard. The result is that SMS sent with a alphanumeric/non standard number will either not be recieved at all or the text will get scrambled as shown on the screenshot below. This bug may even damage the SMS database on your phone. It took Apple some time, but in 1.1.2 it's finally fixed, so we can just use the phone application from 1.1.2 on 1.1.1 (1.0.2 or older is not supported currently).

  • Open installer, and tap Sources, Edit and Add.

  • Type in and Ok then Done.

  • Go to Unlocking Tools and Install SMS Fix

  • When done installing, reboot your phone and it should work

Note: I have not throughly tested this, so there may be side effects i'm not aware of yet. But you can just uninstall the package to revert the changes. I only tested on 1.1.1.

Sometimes the phone displays the phone numbers instead of the names?

  • There's a bug in the iPhone software that will cause problems with detecting the numbers stored in your contacts, if iPhone is used outside the supported countries. I have set up a fully automatic fix for this (thanks to Dev team for patched files), that will fix this problem.

  • Start Installer and install the package called Phone # to name fix located in the Unlocking Tools category ( must be added as a Source to see this category).

iPhone Firmware Files

  1. 1.0.0: iPhone1,1_1.0_1A543a_Restore.ipsw

  2. 1.0.1: iPhone1,1_1.0.1_1C25_Restore.ipsw

  3. 1.0.2: iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw

  4. 1.1.1: iPhone1,1_1.1.1_3A109a_Restore.ipsw

  5. 1.1.2: iPhone1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw

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