Friday, January 4, 2008

GeoHotz The Official iPhone and iTouch Jailbreakeer Has Spoken On the Upcoming 1.1.2 Unlock

" I haven't been working too much with the iPhone lately, but I did take a final look at the new bootloader on the way back from Canada. I also looked over the NCK numbers again.As far as work with the NCK goes, I don't think we will get anywhere. I do believe the numbers are generated from the IMEI/Serial, but it is done well enough that without Apple's generator we won't be able to do it. Also bruteforce is totally impractical.I also made a mistake with the hardware hack I posted. The 1.1.2 secpack will NEVER validate on the new bootloader. The new bootloader actually does two checks and the SHA needs to be repeated twice. You will see it when you decrypt the new secpack. The A16 hack will work to validate the 1.1.3 secpack on 1.1.3 though.So it's VERY important that you do not upgrade your baseband. I am 100% sure the old hardware hack will work when the 1.1.3 secpack is used with iEraser. I also think that the -0x400 hack still exists in the new bootloader, so software unlocks are hopefully coming with the release of the new secpack. I've heard rumors of people who have 1.1.3 in beta. The whole community awaits this secpack. Please get it out there as soon as possible."

If this means anything to you....... Well we just need Apple to come out with 1.1.3 Firmware Update already! It's like when you need them to come out with one..they don't... and when we don't need an update they release one every week. We do have a hardware unlock avaliable. I do not suggest you do it on your device bacause you will completely lose your warranty. You can't restore a harware unlock :) Also, since this blog is dedicated to Software Unlock/Hack (s) only, i will not post a hardware unlock guide here. If anyone has any feedback or requests you can leave a comment, Happy New Year Guys!

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