Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dev Team Has Released the 1.1.3 Jailbreak.

The Dev Team released their official jailbreak for iPhones running version 1.1.3 this morning. It's very similar to the jailbreak released this week by Nate, only without the suckiness of not working. The only difference (at least on the user's end) is that it requires your phone to be at v1.1.2. iPhones on version 1.1.1 will need to upgrade to v1.1.2, jailbreak, and then install the "BSD Subsystem" package in order for this method to work.
This jailbreak, like the one before it, does not upgrade the phone's baseband which, in our experience, breaks things like "locate me" functionality in Maps. If you have a valid AT&T account, it may be a good idea to upgrade to 1.1.3 and downgrade to a jailbroken version of 1.1.2 before running this update. For those of you who use an unlocked iPhone, you'll want to keep away from v1.1.3 as it will re-lock your phone.
If you haven't seen yet, I'm one of the first,again, to have guides for both Mac and Windows. I will post the fixes for the bugs as they are released. I am 99% sure that they could be downloaded via installer.

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