Friday, January 25, 2008

1.1.3 Software Upgrade Problems For iTouch and iPhone

Since last week’s release of new 1.1.3 software for the iPhone and iPod touch, a number of users have experienced serious problems when trying to update the devices. In some cases, the update appears to have been completed successfully, but renders the devices inoperable, leaving them stuck in recovery mode. When an attempt is made to restore the devices, one of several dialog boxes (pictured above) pops up and says the device can not be restored due to an unknown error. In addition to user-submitted complaints and questions, many reports of similar problems and errors have appeared on Apple Support’s discussion boards. Some users have been able to recover the iPods or iPhones after deleting and re-installing iTunes or past software update files, but other users have tried these methods without success, finding no alternative but to return the non-functioning units to Apple. It is worth noting that people have experienced problems updating both iPod touch and iPhone hardware that has never been jailbroken or otherwise altered; one iPhone that failed to update on its first attempt succeeded on a subsequent attempt, but an iPod touch has remained incapable of being restored despite multiple attempts on different computers. Apple has yet to respond to request for comment on the issue.


mickey515 said...

I am new to the whole iPod/iTouch scene. I got an iTouch for xmas from my fiance and did the 20$ update. Since then, it works relatively well but plays the same song over and over. Will only move to the next song if I manually change it. I have tried playlists, albums - everything. Is this related to the update or is there something I am doing wrong? The iTouch worked perfectly fine before I updated it.

-Administration- said...

I'm taking the stance of not working on determing which guides in my 1.1.2 section will work on my 1.1.3 section. 1.1.3 firmware really doesn't offer very much to the typical end user (especially considering since we aren't benefitting from the new baseband) so I don't really see a point in upgrading. In fact, if you read the Featured page on the Installer it states "It is recommended that only developers upgrade their iPhone/iPod Touch to 1.1.3 at this time." There are lots of issues, with lots of things that don't work in 1.1.3, and frankly I would just wait until 1.1.4 and the SDK come out in February.