Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Updating, and unlocking 1.1.2 firmware (Mac) Easy Method

What was used: unlocked (anySIM 1.1) iPhone with 1.1.1 firmware and 04.01.13_G modem, bootloader 3.9_M3S2, iTunes 7.5, and OS X (10.5) on an intel Mac .

  • If you are on 1.0.2 firmware, and used anySIM prior to version 1.1, then repair your baseband and upgrade directly to 1.1.1

  • If you are on 1.0.2 firmware and used anySIM 1.1, (then run the oneSIM program if feeling truly paranoid) and then update to 1.1.1

What will NOT work: ANY newly purchased iPhone with 1.1.2 firmware on it, because it will have the new 4.06 bootloader.

  1. For those of you who have owned an iPhone prior to November 9th (or 4th and 5th digits of the serial number being lower than 45 - sometimes this is not an absolute determiner), then you can skip this step. If you don't otherwise know any better, you might want to verify what bootloader you have on your iPhone right now. First you will need to have bbupdater installed in your /usr/bin folder. I will not provide this file. Google for it, or check the usual forums. Use the Terminal to login to the iPhone via SSH. Enter the following commands: launchctl remove com.apple.CommCenter bbupdater -v

  2. When you are done checking, restart your iPhone.

  3. Launch the Installer. Click the Install icon and scroll down the list of folders to Tweaks (1.1.1). Press it.

  4. Press OktoPrep and install it. You'll get this message once it has been installed. Press the Home button when done.

  5. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone. Click Update. Various messages will appear as the process continues.

  6. When the update completes, you'll see this screen in iTunes. You'll see this on the iPhone. Eject the iPhone from iTunes, then close iTunes.

  7. Download the 1.1.2 jailbreak program here. Double click the jailbreak.jar file.

  8. This is the 1.1.2 jailbreak program. Make sure you check the box for installing SSH (if you want SSH installed on your iPhone). You could add this later with the Installer. Note: If installing SSH this is the best time to set your root password on the iPhone. The program is showing alpine (by default), you can set this to your own password now. When you are ready, click the Jailbreak! button.

  9. A pop up will appear with a status bar, and several messages will appear. It will take about 6 minutes to read, patch and write data back to the iPhone.

  10. A pop up will appear telling you the iPhone will reboot a couple times on its own.

  11. iTunes should recognize your iPhone.

  12. Press Settings, General, Auto-Lock and select Never.

  13. Launch Installer and press the Install icon. Scroll down to the Sources folder and press it. Then install Community Sources. If you get prompted to update the Installer, do that as well.

  14. Back at the list of folders, scroll down to System and press it. Install the BSD Subsystem next.

  15. Press the Sources button. Press Edit, then press Add.

  16. Enter: hacktheiphone.com/1.xml Then press the OK button. After it refreshes the source, it will be back at this screen. Now press the Done button.

  17. Press Refresh. The sources willYou should now see Hack the iPhone tools in your Sources list. Press the Install icon at the bottom. Scroll down to the Hack the iPhone tools folder and press it.

  18. Press anySIM 1.2.1u. Install the program. When it has finished, press the Home button to relaunch the SpringBoard and you will see anySIM on it.

  19. Press the Settings button and turn on Airplane Mode.

  20. Launch anySIM (I did this with my Cingular SIM in already which was recognized as AT&T). Press OK. Slide to unlock.

  21. Read this screen or not. Scroll down to the bottom and press the big red button.

  22. Various messages will go by. This process should take 5 minutes to complete. If the stars are aligned correctly you will get the success message.

  23. Press the Settings button and turn off Airplane Mode.

  24. Restart the iPhone (I find the carrier logo won't display unless you do) and test your SIMs.

Attention - iPhone owners in "non-supported" countries

If you use an iPhone in a country where the iPhone is not for sale, you will have a problem with the phone (MobilePhone.app) and with SMS (MobileSMS.app) crashing when you try to call/send to someone. This is specific to 1.1.2 firmware. I live in America, so I don't have this problem. More importantly, I can't test the solution I am about to present to you. This is a challenge that you, the reader, must take on. Launch the Installer program. Press the Install icon at the bottom. Scroll down the list of folders to Tweaks (1.1.2) and press it. Next install iWorld. Now select your country from the list and hope for the best

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