Friday, December 14, 2007

Last.Fm Music Head

A short time ago MobileScrobbler was released for the iPhone and iPod touch. The application allowed you to "scrobble" or post what you listen to onto automatically when it's played. Yesterday a version of MobileScrobbler was released which adds the ability to listen to song recommendations based upon your "scrobbles" right from your iPhone. If you're familiar with Pandora, the idea is similar only the recommendations from are based on your cumulative listening habits.The application, while extremely handy and downright cool to play with, is still quite buggy. There's no play/pause, just a skip button. There are a few interface bugs as well, but in general I think this app is one every jailbroken iPhone owner should grab. You can download MobileScrobbler from under the MultiMedia category. A free account is required and I encourage you to use their scrobbling application on your desktop as well so a music base can be built.

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