Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just How Many Hacked iPhones Are There?

We know we can jailbreak iPhones, and modifying them is relatively popular, but just how many modified iPhones are out there? Getting exact numbers is difficult, but based on how many times various modding services have been used, a rough estimate can be made. AppSnapp, the online 1.1.1 jailbreak site, has been used over 1 million times since it was put up for public use. Of course, that doesn't mean that there are over a million jailbroken devices floating around, as many use the site more than once.Shaun Erickson, the man who runs STE Packaging, one of the two main iPhone software repositories, posted a list of the top 25 downloads from his site. At the top is OpenSSH, with almost half a million downloads, followed by Apollo IM with 35,000. Now, not every user downloads every package, but it's probably safe to guess that there are probably several hundred thousand iPhones and iPod touches out there.

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