Friday, December 21, 2007

To All the Loyal Readers

iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock Provides a Variety of Services. The purpose of this blog is to provide people with the latest iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlocks. Guides have been developed for people to unlock their iPhones and hack the iTouch iPods. My blog will help you unlock and customize your iPhone and iTouch. The unlocking guides are free of charge but we do appreciate a donation, due to constant work of updating and revising the iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock blog, even though it is not required.Below you will find the information we offer on this site for Free. In the last 20 Days i had 22,765 Visitors. The average time of a person visiting is two and a half minutes. Which means people read and use the information. Which is GREAT! Keep it up. That is why i provide this information. When i started with iPhones i couldn't find anything because guides and software were thrown around the Internet. I wish for a place where it's all put together. So i developed one. This blog has ALL the hacks, software, and news you will ever need! I do not miss a thing. I would really appreciate if some of you donated to me. Since this blog takes up most of my time, and free time is pretty much non-existent. If each one of you showed me a small donation, i would be able to afford a website and make all this information so much more accessible and detailed. With a website i can show images of each step on the iPhone and on the computer. But i need money to do this. And out of 50,000 people that have visited this site since day one, only 1 person donated. I swear only one. If each one of you donates a $1-$5 today tomorrow whenever, i can make this the best site in the world. I take my time out for you guys to have all the information needed to keep your iPhone up to date, but i get nothing back. Make it possible in your hearts to donate One Dollar. If each of you donates a dollar, then i can buy hosting, a domain name, a great easy to use template and hire a few people to update all the info and put it into a simple and easy to use format. Please.Thank You so much. And if you can't then keep coming back. Remember the iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock Hack is free. A donation is not required but is appreciated, especially now.

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