Tuesday, December 18, 2007

GeoHotz Latest Updates_ 1.1.2 Firmware Needs 1.1.3_ Kepp 'em Rollin' !

So everyone has been waiting for the iPhone Guru to Speak. He has made some breakthroughts but what it basically comes down to is that the only way we'll be able to get a hack for the new Out of the Box iPhone with 1.1.2 Firmware, is for Apple to baseband update the iPhone to finally unlock the new bootloader. Apple needs to come out with a new Firmware (which they had no problems doing in the past). But to think of it do they really want to come out with one now? The hacking era of the iPhone is stuck. We NEED an update of the Firmware to see patterns in the code. Apple finally has what they have been striving for! A stop to hacked iPhones. Which brings me to another thing i want to meantion. I have been watching ebay and CraigsList and iPhone are going for INSANE amount of money. Since ther's a shortage of hacked iPhone and the same demand. I seen iPhone sales go up to $650 without any accesories. To do a little experiment. I posted a fake posting on CL and priced the iPhone at $650 without any accesories, just the iPhone. You would not believe the amount of offers i got. Anyway, without any more interuptions i want to show you what GeoHOtz said about the 1.1.2 Firmware.

  • "Well I'm back to my original statement that we have to wait for a baseband update to finally unlock the new bootloader. The two exploits I posted have implementation problems. Once we get the new version, iEraser and iUnlocker will work as before. Still only hardware though."

  • "So thanks to the magic of an activation emulator and the original work of Dvd Jon, I got the activation/unlock record of a French unlocked iPhone. The field looks like. "UnlockCode" = "NO=111111111111111&";with the 1's replaced by the code. "NO" is the lock type. There are fifteen digits, so I'm pretty sure the NCK length is 15. This is out of range of a bruteforcer, and I doubt, although its possible, that the NCK's are based off the IMEI/DevID. I would think Apple just has a big lookup table. Although any visible pattern would shorten the brute force time. So I still really need a.plists off legal unlocked phones."

  • So far I have (see title) NCK <=> IMEI combinations. I can't post them, since they are sensitive data of the people who were kind enough to extract their a.plist for me. I have learned that the German ones use "SP" instead of "NO". Also the two German NCK's I have both start with the number 3. Coincidence? Keep these a.plists flowing, could people please posts requests on their respective language iPhone forums? Also the algorithm used to verify the NCK on the phone is known and is not even close to reversible. Brute force is capable at 100,000 k/s, so the initial idea of finding a pattern in the NCK's is to lower the time required for that brute force.Also my theoretical NCK generation system; this has no basis in anything anyone has discovered but... IMEI^d mod n, where d and n are relatively prime and n is similar in size to the IMEI. If Apple keeps d and n secret, they could generate NCK's given an IMEI when no one else could"

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