Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To Pay or Not To Pay?

As you all know, The iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock Blog provides all the required software and guides to unlock iPhones for FREE. I thought it would be proper to let people know what options they have as far as unlocking the iPhone and iTouch. I did not want people to think that using guides and softwares was the only way to unlock an iPhone. You have 3 options when it comes to hacking/unlocking an iPhone. Hackers, Sites like this one and bought softwares that range anywhere from $59 to $99 per use. Below is a more detailed but not absolute short description of all 3 options.

  1. Hire a hacker.

  2. Exploit a site like this one ( for an appreciated but not required donation )

  3. Buy a lisense from a distributor

Now, i want to go over all three options:

  • Your first option is to hire a hacker to unlock your phone, what happens? Well, the hacker unlocks the iPhone, charges you a substantial amount and tells you if you have any problems to contact him/her for further services and repairs. Now you are stuck with him/her to fix your iPhone because now you are insecure and you know his/her method works and you do not want to mess up your phone. Now everytime your iPhone freezes or has a glitch you don't want to pay another substantial amount of money so you call and try to get some free advice. It is provided to you once, so you decide it's cool with him/her and you do it again, so before you know it, they ignore your calls and you are stuck with finding another hacker because you can't imagine giving your precious iPhone to an inexperiences wannabe. Now, just to make things clear, hacking the iphone and the itouch is a new thing. So everyone is an ammature. The only hacker is the guides and software provided to hack the iPhone or the iTouch, after that everyone is a "hacker".

  • Now you have your second option. A site like The iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock Blog :) Information about hacking,unlocking,fixing and much more is thrown around the internet like the splatter theory. Whats the splatter theory? Well, it works for many things but lets just say if you throw enough sh*t on a wall some of it will stick. So it stuck here. You will find ABSOLUTELY ALL THE INFORMATION YOU WILL NEED TO UNLOCK YOU IPHONE OR ITOUCH and keep it going even if you lock it or even brick it. No need to go anywhere else. No need to pay anyone. And now you don't have to be afraid to come back, we won't bite :). All software and guides are FREE. We do not ask for money ,if you can donate, please do. If you enjoy the world of 3rd party applications and sites like this one, then please donate so we can provide some more.

  • Your third option is to go and do something like buying a lisense from a re-seller of a software called iPhonesimFree. The software does the same exact thing as jailbreakme.com and AnySim. Except they charge for it and only provide a lisense for the current firmware. To break this down a little more. If you have 1.0.2 and you bought the software from a re-seller for $59 to $99 and unlocked your iPhone, if a new firmware comes out like 1.1.1, you would need to buy it again. Cool Huh? They provide 24/7 Customer support. If anyone is interested their pricing is avaliable upon request.

Now you know ALL the options you have. Take your pick and Keep coming back!

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