Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If your YouTube is asking for Activation

The iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock provides you with: If your YouTube is asking for Activation.
Follow These Steps:

  1. Make sure you have added the new repository to installer.

  • Once you are using the latest version of Installer app (Version 3.0 beta), install Community Sources, then go to Sources at the bottom right, Click edit at the top right corner, and then click add at the top right corner and type in this url:

  • http://markmon.mine.nu:90/iphone/repo/repo.plist. After adding it, hit Refresh at the top left. There isn't a Safari Plugin yet for version 3.0 at the moment.

  • If you are using the old Installer 2.0, you can just enter the url in Safari, since there is a plugin. Note: You must add this source to find the virginize scripts and Anysim 1.1 in Installer.
  1. Download the Youtube Activator script, let it install, and then reboot your phone.
  2. Youtube should now work.

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DDubey said...

I tried with the following link
but it's saying that Refresh Failed